From: Eltham Victoria

What else do you do?: I am studying of a double degree at Victoria University studying a bachelor of sports science and a bachelor of psychology. When I’m not studying or snowboarding I’m in the gym, surfing or with my dog.

When did you start skiing/snowboarding?: I was 8 months old when I was first put on skis then finally came to my senses at 10 and started snowboarding.

Did you start as a skier or boarder?: Skier

Why did you change?: When I was 10 my dad tried snowboarding and I thought he was super cool so I did it too

Why did you start the sport?: My parents both skied since before I was born and as a child I did a bunch of crazy sports. When I was one I had a battery powered motor bike and I was put on skis as well.

What tunes can we find on your riding playlist?: Any gangsta rap haha

Fave riding buddy?: My brothers and Dad.

Three things you can’t live without?: My dogs, pasta and snowboarding with my family.

Describe yourself in three words: A good time

Quote/mantra you live by?: Always aim for excellence.

One pro tip for choosing the right snow apparel?: If in doubt go one size bigger.

What do you love about the sport?: The lifestyle is unreal, the places it takes you and the people you meet are like no other.

What are your 3 favourite places to ride and why?: Breckenridge, they have the best park in the world. Perisher they have the best park in the Southern Hemisphere, and Buller because its my home mountain and it’s super fun.

Who is someone you’ve looked up to in your sport?: I have always admired Torah and she has had a big influence on my career. She has achieved so much and is such a rad chick.

What is your greatest achievement in the sport?: I have done well at contests and been named on teams which I’m proud of, but I think my biggest achievement would be after trying out for the 2014 Olympic team and missing out by only a few spots in the world, even though I was shattered, I decided to keep my head up and go around again for 2018. I’ve learnt that failure isn’t not achieving your goals, failure is giving up on reaching for your goals. Also one time I got a pretty gnarly black eye which I’m pretty proud of.

Specialty event: Snowboard slopestyle

What are your goals for the future?: To keep loving it!

What do you do when you’re not snowboarding?: Usually think about snowboarding while I try to study.

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