From: Merimbula

Did you start skiing or snowboarding?: Snowboarding.

When did you first start snowboarding?: 2012 at The Remarkables

Why did you start snowboarding?: All my highschool best friends did a season at Perisher the year we finished school, I started my chef apprenticeship and was driving up every weekend to hang out, then the following year I was determined to get involved and moved to Queenstown NZ.

What do you love about snowboarding?: The snowboarding part...but most things that come along with it; the like minded people, the mountains, the places you travel, the list goes on.

What is your favourite place to ride?: Unknown yet, the place i'll eventually 'settle down' in. But Blackcomb, Canada is where I started riding park and stayed there for four years. I liked it better to ride every year so had to keep going back. Absolut Park in Austria is super sick, as is Boreal in the states.

What tunes can we find on your riding playlist?: Depends on my mood, and where i'm riding, start to end of day, it's always changing. Find a playlist you like, listen to it on repeat for way too long, get over all the songs. Some G beats are always nice for park, but I also like piano cinema to get me in the mood. Bonobo is a good if i feel like dancing or Acid for Nothing/Metallica if i want to send it. All over the shop!

Fave riding buddy?: Anyone who can keep up.

Three things you can’t live without?: The three R's. Rails, Rag dolls and Rojo

Quote/mantra you live by?: The less f**ks i give, the better off i'll be.

One pro tip for choosing the right snow apparel?: Be comfortable, big gloves are better than small.

Who is your favourite rider?: Bryce 'Bugatti' Bugera

What are your accomplishments?: Qualified chef..and I've placed in some rail jams.

What is your favourite trick?: Anything with style.

What is your specialty event?: Only rail jams for this kid.

What are your goals?: The streets

What else do you do when you’re not snowboarding?: Cook a lot of food, hike a bit, travel and I enjoy to roll around on a skate board.

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