From: Nowra, NSW, Australia

Started snowboarding: When I was about 10 or 11. I skied from when I was 3 years old, and decided to try snowboarding the year after my older sister did, because obviously she was the coolest person ever and my twin sister and I had to try everything she did!

Why I started snowboarding?: Apart from the initial motivation from my big sister, I loved that it was like surfing without a fear of drowning! Like most people, I wasn’t the biggest fan after my first day since I spent most of it on my ass. But once I started learning new turns and techniques, I couldn’t let myself stop there!

What I love about it?: I love the places snowboarding has allowed me to travel, the amazing people I otherwise wouldn’t have met, the goals and fears it helps me conquer. I couldn’t imagine living any other lifestyle, and love waking up to a frosty morning knowing its a good to go boarding’ in the mountains.

What tunes can we find on your riding playlist?: At the moment Courtney Barnett, Jake Bugg, and Vallis Alps. It changes a lot though!

Fave riding buddy?: My partner in crime Michaela Davis Meehan, Biba Turnbull, Alex Fitch, and Amanda Taylor.

Three things you can't live without?: A good scarf, Blistex, and outdoor adventures.

Describe yourself in three words: Can nap anywhere

Quote to live by: "Bend ze knees and speed is your friend". All other times: "We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same".

Pro tip for choosing the right outerwear?: For ultimate warmth, wear multiple small layers under your riding jacket like Rojo's base and mid layers, rather than a bulky hoody or jacket. This will help trap more of your body heat in between the layers and keep you riding on the best of pow days when your crew has to take a break inside!

Favourite places?: Perisher for the fast, spring park laps and constant good vibes, Japan for the amazing culture and friendliness and pow-pow, and Colorado for the endless resort choices, perfect pipes/parks, and allaround terrain options.

Favourite rider?: Kazu Kokubo is always a snowboarder I’ve loved to watch. Whether its in the park, pipe, or backcountry he’s super smooth and stylish. Also Michaela Davis-Meehan and Jess Rich are girls who give constant good vibes and are always having fun and absolutely shredding, so it’s hard not to want to ride with them!

Accomplishments?: Being on the Sochi 2014 Olympic Shadow Team for half-pipe is something I never thought I’d get close to achieving. But every time I land a new trick or try something that scares me, it makes me pumped!

Favourite trick?: I’m a big fan of smooth, stylish, tweaked grabs whether off a jump, rail, pipe, or dropping cliffs to get the high fives rolling! Also back 180’s and 360’s.

Goals: I want to snowboard for as long as I can! I’d like to aim for the next Winter Olympics for half-pipe, but just snowboarding all around the world is kind of the point of it all for me. If I can make people see that there’s so much this world has to offer, and there’s no right or wrong way to live life and appreciate every moment, then I feel like Ive achieved something too.

I also enjoy: I study Clinical Exercise Physiology by distance through University of New England so that takes up a lot of time, but I also love just being outside and spending time with friends and family. I also try and stretch whenever I get a chance!

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